Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mission Accomplished

Although I could easliy have stayed in El Salvador or Nicaragua for another 15 or 50 years and kept surfing, I knew it was time to come home. I've left my girl hanging a bit too long, and it's only a short flight down south to amazing waves and warm air. Of course, now I'm back and it's frickin freezing, but I know I'll be back down there. And, I know my spanish didn't progress as fast as my surfing, but that takes time too, and I'll be giving it some more attention soon anyways. So for now, I'm hanging up the backpack (which I made and lasted the whole trip) and settling down for at least 5 months in ladner. I'm a bitter nervous, I mean, I've been travelling for the last 16 months, so five months in 1 spot sounds like a lot. But I'm ready for it, I'm ready for the cold and the tv commercials, and all the preserved foods and expensive restaurants. I'm ready for a long hot shower and no bug bites. I think this will be good for me. So if you have any quesions feel free to email me, and I'll have all those 20mm pics out soon too, I can't wait to see them. I just need to get over the flu I got the day I returned so I can go out more than 20 feet from a toilet. Nice, that's it.