Sunday, October 30, 2005

Singing Pepsi Tour

I´m not much for tours, but when you´re with others it´s sometimes a good option. So how about a tour with a lady in a horse carriage and then a boat, where she sings the spots out to you and buys you 1.5 liters of pepsi and walks you around a town singing while other travelers and locals watch? Basically, everytime I see that stuff I cringe, today, well, yeah, not so BJesk. But at least now when I walk around I can make up my own funny songs about pirates and monkeys and drink pepsi with that feeling that you get when you know you´re a fool for paying ten bucks to feel like a fool.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Did He Really Do that¿

Okay, So aftre I got back from africa I had an idea: how about I crochet a bakpack for travelling¿ So that´s what I did, and I´m pleased to say it works like a chram, and holds the few things I carry with ease as well. So if you´re wondering how it looks, it looks sweet. And if you´re wondering how the traveling is going, it´s going sweet. I´m getting better and surfing faster than I´m getting better at Spanish, but who´s keeping score anyways. After 3 weeks living on the point in El Zonte, I´now even further south, in the colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua. Good, sweaty times.

Fly To El Slavador

Fly to El Salvador, I don´t know why and I don´t know what for.
In a life that´s been based on travel for the last 15 months, I´m back at a place where I began, El Zonte. After school I went tree planting, from there I went to Alaska. From Alaska to Mexico, from Mexico to Central America, from Central America back to the North. From Vanvouver to London. From London to Rwanda, From Rwanda around East Africa, and back to London and then Vancouver. Mix in a few small trips, a new roommate in ladner and another trip south, and here I am, back in Central America, over a year later. Why all the trips¿ Why not, when you´re a young buck looking for adventure there´s no better place than on the road making it up as you go. So from English and Spanish, to Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili and back to English and then to Spanish, here I am, In another sweaty, hole in the wall internet cafe, writing about it.