Sunday, August 21, 2005

Should You Choose To Accept It.

The [self proclaimed] mission, goes as follows: 1. Pack a small bag with the F3 and 20mm, some velvia and a surf board. 2.Buy a plane ticket to El Salvador. 3. Learn their language and shoot [pictures of] them. 4. Surf 5. Find my way home.

Don't you mean 8mm?

I wish, but I haven't got the boatload of money that one requires to get a new hand gun, or even a fish eye for that matter. But what I do have money for is my favorite lense, my vivatar wide angle 20mm. Mount that on my trusty Nikon F3 and no street pole will go un bent. Of course, I do have the other required lenses of a photographer, but I think I'm going to switch it up a bit. After 6 months of working as a photographer in Rwanda, I'm starting to feel that a new change and challenge will do me some good. So, without making you read anymore ramble, here's what I'm planning on doing, so you can join me if you like...