Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pupusaria I love Thee

In the span of 1 week I´ve taken 21 chicken buses, 8 taxis, Walked about 10km and hitchhiked twice. That amount of travel took me through 5 countries, from Panama to El Salvador, my final resting place before I leave. I was able to surf for the weekend at Madera again, so amazing with the off shore breeze, and now I´ve got a solid 5 days to surf at El Zonte before I go home. And best of all, no more Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) I´m having, fries, pupusas, sub sandwiches and fish from here on out. Oh Pupusas, I love thee so much, with your hot and gooie insides and your cabbage and carrot toppings. So nice to be back in another dirty country. But also, I´d like to give a shout out to big papa who totally hooked me up everytime I asked him to get me out of all the terrible situations I´ve been in, thanks Jesus.
(I Fly Home December 5th, and I´ll be in Ladner for a long time, yippie, and hello seymour)


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