Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mother Terror

I never thought that when I woke up tuesday morning at 4 (on 3 hours sleep due to a good Grishom book) that 40 hours later I´d be in Panama City, but here I am. It took me 14 hours to get to the turn off to pavones, but the bus wouldn´t go any further. I slept on the bus for about an hour while it stayed there, and then found out the problem. The problem was mother freakin nature, and a helluva lot of flooding. It had been raining hard the last few days, and the river near the panama border was raging over its banks. The trucks were lined up for miles waiting to pass, so I started walking (in the rain). After I walked about and hour I made it to the blockade, and a police escort took me across the bridge (which was actually falling apart before my eyes as we crossed) and through the town. I could only make out the roofs of houses and a few people stranded on them as well. The river itself looked like the rapids I rode while rafting a few days ago, but these rapids were going through peoples homes and farms. It was quite a site, a sad site that is. After the destruction, I walked another 2 hours, and finally got picked up by a truck (nobody will pick up a wet gringo with a surf board) and I made it to the border. And from there another ten hours to panama city. So anyways, I haven´t really slept, and I´m still praying for those poor people who´ve probably lost everything, and it´s still raining. But at the same time I´m a bit overwhelmed, Panama City looks and fells like Miami, it´s so beautiful and smart looking compared to everywhere else. K, pray for those people in Costa Rica for sure.


Blogger Mom said...

Hi BJ,
Nice to read about your adventures( this is Andrea's Mom) I found you through Andrea's blog site. Stay safe and keep up the are amazing!

7:03 AM  

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