Wednesday, November 09, 2005

All I Got Was This Stupid Surf Trip

Oh man, i went to Central America and all I got was this studpid surf trip. I mean seriously, getting barreled, living in front of the break, eating fresh fish, how boring. I can't wait to get back to normal life where i can shower in hot water and eat processed food. What am I even doing down here, this is the worst, like yesterday, I had to take 4 buses to get to another beach from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, what a hassle, I even had to pay 2 bucks to leave nicaragua, totally not worth it. and to top it off, now I'm in Gringo ville and all people want is to sell me blow, so all i can do is surf a perfect left all day. Welp, meybe the next 25 surf days will go bye quicker so i can get out of here.

PS, no sarcasm meant to Megan, I really can't wait to be back with my love. plus, it isn't that fun when everyone you see is with a girl and you're not/can't be with yours


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