Saturday, November 12, 2005

20mm Reality On a Surf Trip

It struck me yesterday when I was taking pictures of skateboarding at the bowl in Tamarindo that having only a 20mm lens isn´t exaclty ideal for surfing, well, unless you have an underwater case, which I don´t. So basically, I´ve realized that: 1. I´m only surfing down here, 2. A surfer looks like anoter piece of sand in wide angle, and 3. I´m kinda photo´d out right now from Rwanda. So basically, I dont know if it´s so much a 20mm mission as much as it is a 20mm challenge now. ´We´ll see (no pun intended) what the 20mm challenge turns out as.


Blogger megan said...

Beeg I love you and think your hillareous! I'm pretty sure that you'll figure some creative way to fullfill and finish your mission to acceptable standards.

12:20 AM  

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