Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mission Accomplished

Although I could easliy have stayed in El Salvador or Nicaragua for another 15 or 50 years and kept surfing, I knew it was time to come home. I've left my girl hanging a bit too long, and it's only a short flight down south to amazing waves and warm air. Of course, now I'm back and it's frickin freezing, but I know I'll be back down there. And, I know my spanish didn't progress as fast as my surfing, but that takes time too, and I'll be giving it some more attention soon anyways. So for now, I'm hanging up the backpack (which I made and lasted the whole trip) and settling down for at least 5 months in ladner. I'm a bitter nervous, I mean, I've been travelling for the last 16 months, so five months in 1 spot sounds like a lot. But I'm ready for it, I'm ready for the cold and the tv commercials, and all the preserved foods and expensive restaurants. I'm ready for a long hot shower and no bug bites. I think this will be good for me. So if you have any quesions feel free to email me, and I'll have all those 20mm pics out soon too, I can't wait to see them. I just need to get over the flu I got the day I returned so I can go out more than 20 feet from a toilet. Nice, that's it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pupusaria I love Thee

In the span of 1 week I´ve taken 21 chicken buses, 8 taxis, Walked about 10km and hitchhiked twice. That amount of travel took me through 5 countries, from Panama to El Salvador, my final resting place before I leave. I was able to surf for the weekend at Madera again, so amazing with the off shore breeze, and now I´ve got a solid 5 days to surf at El Zonte before I go home. And best of all, no more Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) I´m having, fries, pupusas, sub sandwiches and fish from here on out. Oh Pupusas, I love thee so much, with your hot and gooie insides and your cabbage and carrot toppings. So nice to be back in another dirty country. But also, I´d like to give a shout out to big papa who totally hooked me up everytime I asked him to get me out of all the terrible situations I´ve been in, thanks Jesus.
(I Fly Home December 5th, and I´ll be in Ladner for a long time, yippie, and hello seymour)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Costa Freecka

Oh man, I´m so glad to be gone from Costa Rica and Panama. Although those are the nicest looking places they seem to suck the life out of you. So many peole just straight up lie to me to get money out of my pocket, I probably paid an extra 20 or 30 bucks for my surfboard on buses and and I´m sick of being a walking money bag like eveybody else. So, I took off from Santa Catalina, took 4 buses to San Jose for 15 hours, got there at midnight, stayed in a diner until 4am and drank coffee, then got on 4 more buses and I´m finally through Panama and Costa Rica and back Nicaragua. I knew I was in Nicaragua as soon as people started chucking all their garbage out the bus window and there were no air-con buses, I love it. So happy to be back in the good world of cheep beers and buses.
PS, What´s the deal with me travelling for like 40 hours straight, and not sleeping for a long time, I gotta stop that.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mother Terror

I never thought that when I woke up tuesday morning at 4 (on 3 hours sleep due to a good Grishom book) that 40 hours later I´d be in Panama City, but here I am. It took me 14 hours to get to the turn off to pavones, but the bus wouldn´t go any further. I slept on the bus for about an hour while it stayed there, and then found out the problem. The problem was mother freakin nature, and a helluva lot of flooding. It had been raining hard the last few days, and the river near the panama border was raging over its banks. The trucks were lined up for miles waiting to pass, so I started walking (in the rain). After I walked about and hour I made it to the blockade, and a police escort took me across the bridge (which was actually falling apart before my eyes as we crossed) and through the town. I could only make out the roofs of houses and a few people stranded on them as well. The river itself looked like the rapids I rode while rafting a few days ago, but these rapids were going through peoples homes and farms. It was quite a site, a sad site that is. After the destruction, I walked another 2 hours, and finally got picked up by a truck (nobody will pick up a wet gringo with a surf board) and I made it to the border. And from there another ten hours to panama city. So anyways, I haven´t really slept, and I´m still praying for those poor people who´ve probably lost everything, and it´s still raining. But at the same time I´m a bit overwhelmed, Panama City looks and fells like Miami, it´s so beautiful and smart looking compared to everywhere else. K, pray for those people in Costa Rica for sure.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

20mm Reality On a Surf Trip

It struck me yesterday when I was taking pictures of skateboarding at the bowl in Tamarindo that having only a 20mm lens isn´t exaclty ideal for surfing, well, unless you have an underwater case, which I don´t. So basically, I´ve realized that: 1. I´m only surfing down here, 2. A surfer looks like anoter piece of sand in wide angle, and 3. I´m kinda photo´d out right now from Rwanda. So basically, I dont know if it´s so much a 20mm mission as much as it is a 20mm challenge now. ´We´ll see (no pun intended) what the 20mm challenge turns out as.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

All I Got Was This Stupid Surf Trip

Oh man, i went to Central America and all I got was this studpid surf trip. I mean seriously, getting barreled, living in front of the break, eating fresh fish, how boring. I can't wait to get back to normal life where i can shower in hot water and eat processed food. What am I even doing down here, this is the worst, like yesterday, I had to take 4 buses to get to another beach from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, what a hassle, I even had to pay 2 bucks to leave nicaragua, totally not worth it. and to top it off, now I'm in Gringo ville and all people want is to sell me blow, so all i can do is surf a perfect left all day. Welp, meybe the next 25 surf days will go bye quicker so i can get out of here.

PS, no sarcasm meant to Megan, I really can't wait to be back with my love. plus, it isn't that fun when everyone you see is with a girl and you're not/can't be with yours

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Singing Pepsi Tour

I´m not much for tours, but when you´re with others it´s sometimes a good option. So how about a tour with a lady in a horse carriage and then a boat, where she sings the spots out to you and buys you 1.5 liters of pepsi and walks you around a town singing while other travelers and locals watch? Basically, everytime I see that stuff I cringe, today, well, yeah, not so BJesk. But at least now when I walk around I can make up my own funny songs about pirates and monkeys and drink pepsi with that feeling that you get when you know you´re a fool for paying ten bucks to feel like a fool.